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About Euloge Ekissi

Euloge Ekissi is an author, writer, speaker and evangelist. A native motivator, with wisdom that allows people around him to lose the chains of disappointments and delays that life imposes on human beings to see the best that resides in them. 98% of people who have been in contact with Euloge Ekissi, from near or far, in several countries of the world, have all been transformed for having applied his advice and prayers and self-improvement strategies. His books are so inspiring that they allow a person to quickly get out of his difficulties, if he complies and put into execution his instructions. Whether they are faithful servants of God or church members, ordinary people with no knowledge of the word of God, all those who have had the chance to pray with Euloge Ekissi, or received his teachings, have all testified that it has a unique potential and is confident that he is the person through whom, God has transformed their lives.

As he said in his quote: “Nothing is difficult in life when one decides to see in all things, the opportunity to grow up.” It’s by positive people that God inspires the great men of tomorrow, because negative people reduce our destiny to nothing. To go far, we must learn how overcome the barriers and limit that tiredness, fear and discouragement impose to us. It maybe after this limit that we will find our glory. But we must have the courage to cross it to find out. For behind every invisible barrier, are new horizons to be discovered.

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